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DEVO’58 Nike footballbag

Nike footballbag with DEVO’58 logo
The bag has a bottom compartment

Length 48cm – Width 31cm – Depth 40cm
Volume +/- 45ltr

Bag without number or initials € 37,50
Bag with number or initials € 42,50

DEVO’58 Hummel Backpack

Hummel backpack with DEVO’58 logo.
The backpack has a bottom compartment

Height 52cm – Width 35cm – Depth 25cm
Volume +/- 45ltr.

Backpack without number or initials  € 29,50
Backpack with number or initials € 34,50

DEVO’58 retro footballbag

Classic model bag with DEVO’58 logo.

Length 25cm – Width 50cm – Depth 25cm
Volume +/- 31ltr.

Classic model bag with DEVO’58 logo
€ 32,50

DEVO’58 small backpack with rope

Backpack made of a DEVO’58 shirt
Handy for footballshoes

Length +/- 40cm – Width +/- 45cm

Backpack of black shirt  € 12,50
Backpack of white shirt  € 12,50

DEVO’58 Towel

Black-white DEVO’58 towel

Length 95cm – Width 50cm

1 Towel € 12,50

2 Towels € 22,50

DEVO’58 Bottle 

Black bottle with DEVO’58 logo
The bottle has a white space on the backside for your name or number.

Volume 0,75 ltr.

1 Bottle € 7,50
2 Bottles € 12,50

DEVO’58 Scarf

DEVO’58 fan scarf
Double-sided woven € 12,50

DEVO’58 Ice cap

DEVO’58 Ice cap
Woolen cap with and dot € 12,50

DEVO’58 Umbrella

DEVO’58 Umbrella
In black/white with DEVO’58 logo € 9,50

DEVO’58 Patch

Embroidered DEVO’58 ironing patch
+/- 5cm x 5cm € 3,50