7×7 Football

We’ve all been there. You want to play, but you’re not able to do so in a regular league anymore for whatever reason (Opponents too young, not enough players, overbooked agenda’s or simply too many injured teammates).

The 7×7 18+ or 35+ football setup is the perfect way to play some footy. Not only that, but the DEVO‘58 canteen has that genuine clubhouse feel, which makes it the perfect club for this type of football (and for a great third half)!

DEVO’58 offers football for grown-ups. We do not have youth members, so all of the clubs’ resources are dedicated to the senior members, and beers can be served before 16:00. As one of the smallest club still remaining independent in Amsterdam, it’s a club of great warmth and with a warm atmosphere. In short, the ideal club to play recreational football with and against players your age, before settling down at the canteen for the third half.

Do you want to play a number of small tournaments on Friday night in the fall and spring,

or would you rather play a league in the weekend? Either way, the games are being played 7 v 7 on a half pitch and last a maximum of 30 minutes.

So, do you live in Amsterdam, and do you want to play 7 v 7 football? Sign up with you friends by sending an email to: ledenadministratie@devo58.nl