Indoor football

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Indoor football is the fastest growing branch at DEVO’58. At the moment, there’s 4 indoor teams playing at DEVO’58. There is always room for more, however.
So, do you live in Amsterdam and are you looking for a club to play football?
DEVO’58 is looking for new indoor football teams!

DEVO’58 offers football for grown-ups. One of the smallest club still remaining independent in Amsterdam, it’s a club of great warmth and a friendly atmosphere. At DEVO’58 we have open and engaging club culture, consisting of men’s and women’s teams that like to play football at a club where friendship and having fun are just as important as playing the game.

We offer a good atmosphere, fun, sports and plenty of parties, such as the yearly ‘Windmill Cup’ tournament and the ever festive ‘New Years reception’.

Playing indoor football at DEVO’58 costs €150 per season. DEVO’58 shirts can be ordered at the club for only €48 each and you can pick where the location to play your home games yourself.

The board values its amateur players, whether indoors or on the pitch, just as much as the first team. Therefore, they strive to offer quality facilities for everyone. The numerous volunteers are always willing to help a new team get started and signed up for a league.

So, for €150 a year you can play football at a club where a good atmosphere matters, where the amateur teams are just as important as the first team, and where you’re never on your own.

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