Cancelled matches

If you are wondering if a competition or training has been canceled, you can call the canteen. For Devo’58 the telephone number is 020-6137332.

However, sometimes it is still early, or not yet clear, for the canteen. Then click on the links below:

Sportpark Ookmeer
Sportpark Sloten
Sportpark Spieringhorn
Sportparken Drieburg, Voorland en Middenmeer (choose the right sportpark at the top of the sportpark-site)

When looking at fields, pay attention to the date/time at the top of the relevant site!

If only the field of DEVO’58 is rejected at Sportpark Ookmeer, there is a possibility that the game will be moved to another (artificial grass) field. If in doubt, always contact the secretary (Daan Farjon 0623084428).

It is possible that on game days the secretary is active early in entering the cancellations. That means that you can also see it on the Program or on

Do you suspect a regional and/or national cancellation? Then have a look at teletekst page 603. The column with category A only applies to Sunday 1. The other teams fall into category B.