Membership policy DEVO’58 – Season 2023-2024

Annual membership field football:     € 190
Annual membership futsal:                  € 160
Combined membership:                        € 340
Half-year membership:                        € 95 (after approval)
Club of 58:                                                € 58

Payment via ClubCollect

  • For the collection and processing of the membership fee, DEVO’58 works with the company ClubCollect. ClubCollect is not a debt collection agency but provides administrative support for the membership fee payments.
  • ClubCollect informs members about the payment by text message and e-mail. Therefore, make sure that your correct contact information is known in our administration via
  • Via the link you’ll receive from ClubCollect you can go to your personal payment page where you can view, download and pay your membership invoice. On this page you indicate whether you want to pay the membership at once or in instalments (please note that ClubCollect calculates administration costs per instalments)
  • The payments are done via direct debit or via iDeal.
  • After receiving the ClubCollect link, you have 20 days to choose your payment method. Until you have chosen you will receive reminders from ClubCollect.
  • To timely signal defaulters, we follow the following timeline:
    • 19 September 2023: ClubCollect message is send to all members.
    • 19 September – 30 September 2023: Select payment method in ClubCollect portal.
    • 1 – 10 October 2023: Members who have not selected a payment method (and did not start paying the fee) will receive a reminder from the board.
    • 20 October 2023: Members who have not given any response will be excluded from matches and training
  • Members who have signed up via ClubCollect but do not meet their payment obligations on time will also be excluded from matches and training. If multiple deadlines are missed a debt collection process is started and costs are charged to the member.

Questions about ClubCollect

  • Do you have membership related questions or did you not receive a link from ClubCollect by October 15st 2023, please contact the treasury keeper via
  • Do you have technical problems with logging on or the settings in ClubCollect, please contact More information regarding ClubCollect can be found on:

Overdue membership fee 2022-2023

  • Members who have an overdue membership fee from earlier seasons need to pay this the latest on September 1st
  • Members with an overdue membership fee after September 1stwill be excluded from matches and training.

Deviating membership fees

Half-year membership

  • The situation in which a member of DEVO’58 cannot train/play for half a season or more, we offer the possibility for a half-year membership. Valid reasons include: heavy injury, pregnancy, internship / study abroad etc.
  • The request for a half-year membership must be submitted to the board before 20 January 2024, each situation will be reviewed separately. All requests received after 20 January 2024 will not be processed.
  • If in the season 2022-2023 a half-year membership has been granted, this will not automatically be valid again in the new season. For the season 2023-2024, if applicable, the request for a half-year membership should be re-applied based on the above guidelines.

Club of 58:

  • Club of 58 members are supporters/donors of our club. These financial contributions enable us to buy extra’s for our club, like for example the new sound computer in the canteen.
  • Club of 58 members have a sign with their name in the canteen and are registered at DEVO’58 as a club member (so not a member of the KNVB and are not entitled to play matches).
  • Club of 58 members may use the training facilities provided at the regular trainings.

Termination of membership

  • Terminating the membership can only be done by sending an email to
  • When terminating the membership before 20 January 2024, the member can apply at the board for half-year membership.
  • When terminating the membership after 20 January 2024 a full year membership is applicable.
  • Termination of the membership will only be executed after all payments have been done.