Corona houserules

The new season is about to start and DEVO’58 is looking forward to accommodate football back again! Unfortunately, DEVO’58 has to introduce additional house rules in order to accommodate matches in times of Corona. Please read the text below carefully and follow the rules. Should this be accidentally forgotten, do not hesitate to talk to and remind each other about these housing rules.

Canteen and terrace

  • You will be asked to leave your name and phone number at the bar. You can also use de QR-code at the terrace. 
  • Follow the indicated walking routes: Front door = IN, the swing doors = OUT.
  • Only one person at the same time can order drinks at the bar. Pay as much as possible with PIN.
  • One person at a time in the toilet.
  • Take a seat (only sitting allowed) on the terrace, maximum 40 persons allowed (see map). When there are no seats, it’s full. We expect teams to leave 2 hours after their match is finished.
  • When it’s too crowded or when people not follow the rules, we can ask teams and persons to go home.

Dressing room

  • Dressing room remains closed for training till otherwise stated.
  • Change to sport clothes at home, as much as possible. Also at (friendly) games.
  • If possible, change cloths outside as much as possible.
  • Dressing room can be used during (friendly) games when nothing else is possible.
  • Maximum 8 persons in each dressing room, maximum 3 persons in the showers and take the 1,5 meter distance in mind. Use the dressing room in shifts and do not take too long for a shower. 
  • NO tactical meeting in the dressing room.
  • Stay outside during half-time


  • Also 1,5 meter distance in the dug-outs, maximum 2 players.
  • Use personal bottles of water, no shared bidons.
  • Teams stay outside of the dressing room at half time of the game.
  • Unfortunately cheering alone, no shouting and do not shake hands.


  • Above all, please use your gezond verstand (common sense)!
  • Follow all RIVM rules, among other things, but most important: 
  • Stay home and test yourself in case of complaints;
  • 1,5 meter distance;
  • Wash your hands frequently;
  • Avoid group formation.

DEVO’58 wishes you all lots of football fun this season. However, DEVO’58 takes a high level of responsibility in the measures against Corona. Also, the club receives a high fine in case of failing to adhere to the rules. By entering our complex you agree to this condition.